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Alhaan CS-56M 5 inch,6W Fast Mount Metal Ceiling Speaker

Alhaan CS-56M 5 inch,6W Fast Mount Metal Ceiling Speaker

The CS-56M is a 6W Fast mount metal multipurpose ceiling speaker. It is perfect for use in malls, supermarkets, schools, offices, hotels and restaurants. Ideal for music as well as speech reproduction, this speaker is economical and practical in various conditions as it is easy to install and inconspicuous in all settings due to its sleek design. It covers a wide listening area due to its clear and well-balanced sound reproduction and minimal high frequency roll off, making it quite cost-effective installation wise.

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We Deliver within 48hrs of Order Confirmation.

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The Warranty is Given by the manufacturer that varies for different products. Please consider the terms and condition on the products.

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Standard Return Time Frame is within 14 days of delivery

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No. You must book an appointment for a technician that will cost according to your requirements.

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