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FERMAX-6224 Citymax Audio Kit WH./TEL 230V | FKGTC

FERMAX-6224 Citymax Audio Kit WH./TEL 230V | FKGTC

Citymax Audio Kit - 6224


The classic range of CITYMAX audio kits is back again for up to 24 apartments.

  • Indoors, the Citymax telephone (surface installation).
  • Outdoors, the City Classic door entry panel, high quality and resistance.
City Classic is the FERMAX original and avant-garde outdoor panel with a convexcurved profile.
Gifted with a genuine urban character, it is the ideal range for audio installations for any type of building.
Manufactured in a highly weather resistant anodised aluminum.

Citymax telephone represents the classic and versatile model from Fermax.
Manufactured in white ABS plastic with a texturised finish for easy cleaning as well as ultraviolet protection.
Includes different attachment points to install on the wall.

  • Indoors: 2 additional Citymax telephones (ref. 80447), with no need of extra power supply.
  • At the accesses: a 2nd access for the garage entrance or secondary door.
Technical Specifications
  • Indoors, the Citymax telephone (surface installation). 
  • Outdoors, the City Classic door entry panel, high quality and resistance.
  • At the accesses: a 2nd access for the garage entrance or secondary door. 
  • 8661. 16/W CITY CLASSIC panel Panel S6: 130x294.
  • 8856. Flush box S6: 115x280x45. 
  • 80447. CITYMAX BASIC telephone. (24 units). 
  • 4802. Power supply12Vac/1A-DIN4.

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