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FERMAX-f05606 - iLoft Pure Surface Vds Monitor | FKGTC

FERMAX-f05606 - iLoft Pure Surface Vds Monitor | FKGTC

iLoft Pure Surface Vds Monitor - f05606

Technical Specification
  • Screen TFT 3.5".
    Resolution: 480 (H) x 234 (V) lines.

  • Flush Monitor dimensions: 131 (width) x 197 (height) x 58 (depth) mm


  • Emerges 13 mm from wall once embedded

  • FERMAX flush-fit box dimensions: 108 (width) x 158 (height) x 45 (depth) mm
    Standard flush-fit box dimensions (10x10x5 cm): 114 (width) x 174 (height) x 50 (depth) mm.

  • Surface Monitor dimensions: 131 (width) x 197 (height) x 35,2 (depth) mm

  • Power supply: 18 Vdc

  • Door release and guard unit call button.

  • Auto-on button for main and secondary camera activation (sequentially).

  • Button to start communication.

  • Button to end communication.

  • Call volume control

  • Colour, brightness and contrast control.

  • Door bell: for direct house call button connection to monitor/telephone.

  • Selectable call tunes.

  • With 2 pushbuttons for additional functions (without functions assigned).

  • Private communication. Conversation secrecy.

  • Totally hands-free operation; once the outdoor panel-home channel is activated, communication is simultaneous.

  • Consumption:
    - standby: 26 mA.
    - video: 160 mA
    - audio + video: 250 mA.

  • Monitor with OSD display: incorporates a user-friendly menu through graphical icons so that the installer can perform the programming of the monitor functions according to the needs of the installation and also so that users can access the user settings for customization, i.e. the usage profile: brightness and contrast, type and volume of ringtone , additional functions, activate and deactivate silent mode, etc...

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