Bosch Access Control

Bosch Access Control System

Reliable, Versatile, Scalable.

Access Control is a key pillar of today’s security. The growing need to control access to and within buildings and areas, more flexible working time models and the limitations of mechanical locks make a modern and reliable access control system indispensable. Bosch offers complete, reliable and scalable access control solutions for any medium to large sized application.

Key advantages of access control

Investing in the right technology is central to the protection of your employees, site visitors and ultimately the success of your company. While you naturally want your business premises to be as open and welcoming as possible you need to ensure maximum protection against unauthorized intruders.

Comprehensive portfolio for every application

Bosch Access Control solutions offer you a flexible system for any project. Our portfolio includes all access control components from different software options and controllers to a wide range of readers and credentials to comply with your individual needs. State of the art security features and encryption functionalities make sure your data is protected and privacy regulations are fulfilled. Thanks to the scalability of the components, the system grows according to your security needs. Our support and training team will be happy to consult you to create the system that fits your requirements.

Our Access Control software options

The Access Engine of the Building Integration System is an ideal access control software solution for large and complex projects, such as airports or stadiums. Our software solution for medium to large sized projects such as offices or healthcare facilities is the Access Management System. The Access Professional Edition is the ideal choice for entry-level projects such as office buildings or retail stores. All software alternatives work with our Access Modular Controller, and can be combined with the wide range of our reader and credential portfolio.

Proven expertise in the security
  • Industry Vertical solutions expert
  • More than 35 years of experience in access control
  • Worldwide support near you
  • Access Professional Edition (APE) for medium sized projects.
  • Access Management System (AMS) for medium to large sized projects.
  • Building Integration System – Access Engine (BIS-ACE) for large and complex projects.
Access Modular Controller :
  • Intelligent access management controller
  • Carries out independent authorization checks on access points, takes access decisions, controls
  • Closing/opening elements and registers movement
  • Events – even when offline
  • Specifically designed to work with APE, AMS and
  • BIS-ACE systems
  • Support of RS-485/OSDPv2 secure channel and Wiegand technology
  • Offline capability
  • Administrates up to: – 8 readers – 200,000 cardholders
Readers and Credentials
Bosch offers a wide range of readers and cards, fully featured advanced solutions to cost-effective starter systems. Most models are available with or without keypad or as biometric versions. Wiegand and RS-485 (OSDPv2 SC) support ensures that our solutions work seamlessly with your technology. Our support team will be happy to assist you in choosing the right system.
  • Proximity Readers: Proximity readers act as an interface between the proximity card and the access controller. The data is transferred from the card to the reader on the 125 kHz frequency band.
  • Smart Readers: Smart readers act as an interface between the smart card and the access controller. The data is transferred from the card to the reader on the 13.56 MHz frequency band. Bosch offers all customers' highest security standards with their unique Bosch data elements. All RS-485 smart card readers come equipped with specialized FW to access a secure sector and read the Bosch code on the smart cards.

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